this is of the mountains in Bordeaux in France

what do you think?

Sun Shine

The sun reflects perfectly against the sea in this photo.

do you like it?

If so, feel free to write a comment

Macro 1

This is a Photo I took with my sony Alpha a300.

I really like it.

please comment if you do too

Make a splash!

I think this picture is awesome! I took it of my brother and cousin.

Its quite easy to do and different stages of the splash give a different effect.

what do you think?

Holding the sun

this photograph was one of the ones I took on a family holiday in South France.

To do so I got just the right moment when the sun was low in the sky and asked my cousin to stand in just the right position with her hand in just the right place.

Go ahead and try it yourself!!

its great fun but do try your best not to get frustrated with your subject…

not that I did.