the Hive at Kew


The newly installed structure, named the Hive, is up for two years at kew. It is installed with speakers and lights and is linked directly to a bees hive also located at Kew. The bee’s hive is installed with accelerometers that read the vibrations coming from the bees, which is then produced into sound, live into the Hive installment. Through the bee’s sounds, you can determine the nature of the bees and what they are saying. Under the structure, you can listen to these sounds of the bees in more detail by listening to them through vibrations. There are bone conductor installments where you can listen to the bees and the description of what they are saying through vibrations through your scull, by biting onto a wooden stick and inserting it into the bone conductor.

A very creative and immersive idea, at the amazing Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.



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