The Liebster Award

The Leibster Award is when a blog answers ten questions from another blog. It then writes ten of its own questions for its nominated blog to answer.

I have been nominated by the Modern Theologian.

It is very special to be nominated because it means you are now part of a chain of blogs all getting to know each other better.



Here are the questions the Modern Theologian kindly asked me,

  • What do you do to unwind from the problems of the day?

Listen to music, or blog. I am really into electronic as you might be able to tell from my recent posts, and blogging is great because you get to talk and socialise with people about the things you like.

  • You’re given a time machine that can make only one trip, when would you go, and why?

I would go to my early childhood and see all the things that i can’t remember instead of having to put up with people telling me all the embarrassing thingsthat did happen.

  • Has Earth been visited by aliens?

No. It is just silly. But I do believe that there is life on other planets.

  • What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?

Draw. And a bit later on, take photos. I got my first camera when i was about nine and was hooked on it.

  • You can solve one of the world’s problems…which one?

Wow! I think it would be solving the solution to global warming and helping to protect the planet.

  • What is your favorite book, that one that you could read over and over and never be bored?

Ali Sparkes’ shapeshifter series! They are amazing!!!!

  • Stuck on a desert island, what one food would you want?

Eggs. Not that they are my favourite foods but you can do anything with them!

  • Do you have an unrequited love?

Yeah. But everyone does at some point!

  • What was your favorite subject in K-12?

Well since i am from the UK i would call it the Senior School. My favourite subject would have to be art!

  • Whom would you want to have lunch with?

I think it would be a famous artist or scientist.







Now these are the questions I have chosen for my nominated blogs.

  1. What is your all time favourite hobby?
  2. Where would you like to go most in the world?
  3. Is there anything you would really like to do?
  4. Who would you like to see most of all?
  5. What is your favourite all time food?
  6. If you had super powers, which one would it be!?
  7. Where would you wish to live: e.g. By the sea?
  8. Is there something you really wan’t to save up for?
  9. What do you find funny?
  10. Who is the most important person to you?

My nominees:

If your blog is listed above, you answer the questions that i have given, allong with ten of your own for your nominees on a new post.

If you are going to then please comment below.


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